What is Sonder?

Sonder delivers a range of community health services across metropolitan Adelaide, including mental health counselling and the Aboriginal Health program, Closing the Gap. Sonder is also the lead agency for the youth mental health service called headspace Edinburgh North 

Sonder has changed names several times over recent years but our mental health services have remained the same. Sonder’s former names include;

  • Northern Health Network (NHN)
  • Northern Adelaide Medicare Local (NAML)
  • Adelaide Northern Division of General Practice (ANDGP)

Protecting your Privacy

Sonder is committed to providing clients and their carers with the highest level of service and confidentiality, this includes protecting your privacy.

Sonder’s Privacy Policy ensures that your personal health information is handled in accordance with the requirements of the privacy law – Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles. Therefore, Sonder is contacting all former clients to provide an update about how their client records are stored.

Why are we contacting you?

Due to changes in Commonwealth funding Sonder has been required to transfer your confidential client records to the Adelaide Primary Health Network’s (APHN) shared Client Record Management System.

We apologise if you have recently advised that you do not wish to be contacted by Sonder. We are however required to contact all previous clients to provide the opportunity for you to OPT OUT. Please see below for further instruction.

What is a Primary Health Network?

Primary Health Networks (PHN) have been established by the Commonwealth Government. PHNs work directly with GPs, other health care providers, hospitals and the broader community to ensure improved outcomes for patients. PHNs also commission the funding for a range of services, including primary mental health care.

Sonder receives mental health funding from both the Adelaide Primary Health Network and the Country South Australia Primary Health Network (CSAPHN) which enables the delivery of mental health services across the western and northern Adelaide regions as well as Gawler and the Barossa Valley.

To learn more about the Adelaide and Country SA Primary Health Networks, please visit;

  • Adelaide Primary Health Network: adelaidephn.com.au
  • Country SA Primary Health Network: countrysaphn.com.au

Why is the client data being transitioned to the Adelaide Primary Health Network?

The transition of all client data to the Adelaide Primary Health Network’s shared Client Record Management System will enhance the delivery of efficient and appropriate mental health care, including the minimisation of record duplication.

Moving to the shared Client Record Management System means that Personal Information and Service Usage History will be shared between organisations funded by the APHN. This minimal information does not include Clinical Notes.

Your Clinical Notes can only be shared with other APHN funded organisation’s if your prior consent is gained. Therefore if it is appropriate for you to be referred to another organisation, your Sonder Mental Health worker will discuss this with you and your consent will be sought before relevant Clinical Notes are shared.

The APHN and CSAPHN also use clinical information for the purpose of providing a health service, research, analysis, evaluation and reporting. Without the collection of this health information, program funding is unlikely to be maintained or sustained.


How to OPT OUT

If you decide you DO NOT want your client record stored on the APHN’s shared Client Record Management System, please select the ‘OPT OUT NOW’ below. You will need to verify your identity.

If you are a parent or carer of a Sonder or headspace Edinburgh North mental health client who is under the age of 16 years, you have the option to OPT OUT on behalf of the young person.

Please note, if you do choose to OPT OUT, you will not be able to access Sonder or headspace Edinburgh North mental health services at this time.

The option to OPT OUT closes Friday 9 November 2018